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Basic information about the educational organization

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Choosing the educational programs of our Law Institute you choose the opportunity to take the best positions in the labor market both in your home country and in the Russian Federation. Together with the help of our teachers also you will be plunged into the promising mass of interesting discoveries in diverse fields of social and cultural Russian environment!

Here we offer you:

  • exclusive training courses aimed at the formation of relevant competencies;
  • practice and internship on the selected educational program in leading companies;
  • the best professors-mentors;
  • modern educational technologies;
  • attentive attitude and assistance in adapting to new learning conditions;
  • integration into the Russian labor market;
  • the opportunity to become a unique employee in your home country!

Mastering the educational programs of the Law Institute will allow you to both join the already existing international professional communities and create new corporate relations at the interstate level!

Our institute has a number of fundamental differences from other educational institutions of a similar profile

Among them:

  • active position in the field of educational services;
  • more than 25 years of experience in the market of higher professional education; availability of a full cycle of educational programs that implement the motto “Lifelong learning” in practice;
  • high reliability and quality of training, confirmed by a license and state accreditation of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation;
  • rich experience in working with Russian Railways and private corporate clients;
  • innovative and specialized education programs implemented in partnership with partners;
  • highly qualified teaching staff; long-term experience of independent scientific work;
  • modern logistics, equipment and infrastructure.
  • ...and many other advantages

The Law Institute in the public education system began its work on September 1, 1999. Currently, the Law Institute is a serious university, one of the leading ones at Russian University of Transport.

A high level of educational services provided in the educational market brings success and a strong position to the institute. Graduates of the institute are in demand in the labor market, this is confirmed by positive feedback from employers. А personnel reserve is formed from the best graduates of the institute of many structures of Russian Railways, the Federal Agency of Railway Transport as well as other organizations and institutions.

The Institute implements all forms of education in higher education and in secondary vocational education. Training takes place in classrooms equipped with modern multimedia technology with widescreen television screens, computer equipment, interactive whiteboards and linguistic classrooms. The institute is equipped with a forensic study and forensic laboratory with the latest technology. Students are provided with all the necessary literature in a well-equipped library and reading room. The library is equipped with an electronic catalog, and in addition to the classical library there is also an electronic library through which the student gets the opportunity to access any book he needs. There is a Wi-Fi network with Internet access in the building. Students and teachers have the opportunity to engage in the MIIT Sports Complex and visit the Recreation Center.

Teaching is conducted from the top of the fundamental legal science. A deep study of legal, customs, economic, tax, management disciplines makes it possible to form confident and in demand specialists.

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